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  • Google's Algorithm is always changing. But what will never change is the
    fact that a Google recommendation for your business -
    is money in the bank. As a matter of fact, Google is the biggest search engine in the world and most people search online through Google. Therefore, by ranking higher in Google, You increase the likelihood of getting calls and website visitors maximising your sales.

Local SEO Defined

Local seo

Do you want to get more customers? Does your business want to attract more customers locally. Does your business want more local calls or more local visits in your store/shop.

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According to recent statistics, about 47% of Google searches are requesting information about local businesses and services. It therefore makes sense that any business that wish to prosper take advantage of Local SEO. Therefore any business wanting to succeed need to take advantage of this.

what you need to do

Local Search Engine Optimization refers to the process of taking several measures to ensure that your business would be able to rank higher in local Google searches. Local SEO is of utmost importance to local business in that it helps

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drive more customers to your business without spending money on advertising as rankings are organic. Business would be able to minimise costs while maximising their sales potential.

Affordable Local SEO Services

Light Digital Marketing's Local SEO services combines citationbuilding, effective on-page SEO, and natural link building for long-term results. This makes it easier for your clients to find your business due to increased rankings.


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If your business is online and you are not in the Google three pack, you are definitely missing out on income. And guess who is taking your money? Your competitors, simple!

The Google three pack as shown in the image above is Google approved recommendation of the three best businesses for a particular service in a given area. This is also referred to as: "GMB" (Google My Business).

Google 2


  • 88% of local business searches on Google and on mobile devices either call or visit the business within 24 hours. (Nectafy).
  • 86% of people look up the location of a business on Google Maps.
  • 92% of searches will pick businesses on the first page of local search results.

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    According to recent research, 80% of all business leads from the first page of Google search are generated by the three pack.

Google 3


The first step every business needs to take is to claim your listing for Google Maps for free. If your business has not already attended to this as soon as you can. You can contact our team and we can help.

Unfortunately, just having a Google Maps listing will not automatically guarantee you automatic entry into the three pack for GMB. If that was the case, every business would have been in the 3 Pack.

Getting your business listed in the 3 pack involves more than names, addresses, telephone numbers, images, citations and reviews. The process requires expertise and technical knowledge of what elements the Google algorithm is looking for at a particular time.

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Here at Light Digital Marketing, we are SEO & Local SEO experts. Our Agency has been assisting local businesses to gain an unfair advantage over their competitors by being listed on GMB and to rank higher.

However, as much as assisting your business enter into the three pack, that is a "maybe" as there are many factors which impact on the 3 pack listing. We can only guarantee that you will be able to rank your business higher than your competitors.



The last paragraph leads me to our OFFER which like Google Maps is FREE. Light Digital Marketing is offering you a FREE, no obligation, no strings attached, no pitch, no follow up call evaluatation of your business. Click the Contact us form below and provide information about your business, your SEO objectives, current advertising and where most of your leads are coming from and the direction you want your business to go and the timeframes etc. We will then do a free evaluation of your business and come up with suggestions on how you can improve your business. We will then come back to you and you will have three options:

  • Do it yourself.

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    • Hire another SEO company.
    • Hire us.

    The choice would be yours and our responsibility is only to advise you and you decide.
    Alright, now that you have the information, now is your turn to smash the contact us button below and we promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

Our Overall SEO Process

Light Digital Marketing is a team of SEO experts helping businesses thrive in this competitive market. The following are the steps we take during our SEO efforts for local clients.

1-Analysis & Evaluation

The first step we take is to gather information so that we can understand your business structure in relation to local SEO, current marketing plans and future plans. During this process, we will analyse your keywords and current google rankings. This process ensures that we will get ready for a local SEO campaign based on the findings.

During the auditing process, we perform the following checks to get an understanding of your current SEO efforts:

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  • Technical Analysis: This is the first step we take where we perform an audit of your website using our state of the tools and they will pinpoint exactly the issues with your website and how to fix it. The audit will monitor important rankings such as mobile responsiveness of your website, website speed, ease of use, tracking and trends and other SEO aspects.
  • Competitor Analysis: Before we begin any campaign, we will perform competitor analysis as this enables us to get an understanding of what they have in place and what we can implement to rank higher. This audit checks who are your main competitors? Why is that they are ranking higher than your business? What content they produce and how often they produce this content? We can also analyse how much they are spending on their marketing campaigns.
  • Traffic Analysis: We will also analyse and perform an evaluation of your traffic, how many visitors on your site, has traffic been increasing or decreasing, devices the traffic is coming from, your traffic source destinations, how much visitors spend on your site and pages they click more,
2-Keywords you need to rank for

After this thorough and comprehensive analysis of your business health, this will then lead us to the keyword/s you want to rank for. We will ask you the keyboards you want to target and then our team can make suggestions based on the keyword analysis we perform.

For new businesses, we will get your keywords and we will analyse and work on these. If you already had a website, it may be that you have been

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targeting wrong or difficult keyboards. It maybe time now to target easy keyboards to increase your local Google rankings.

In order to assist you rank higher, we utilise the following:

  • Our keyword research tools: These tools will give us an understanding of what people in your local area are searching for. We will then tailor a list of suggested keyboards your business can target and this will place your keywords in line to what local clients are searching for in your niche.
  • Competitor’s keywords: If your competitors are ranking higher than you, it therefore makes sense that you may also want to target the same keyboards they are targeting.


Light Digital Marketing will now get to work since we now understand your business and we have a plan for your local SEO efforts after engaging with you. We will begin implementing a number Local SEO strategies such as content creation, video production, optimising your local listings and white hat link building.

At Light Digital Marketing, we will focus on high impact strategies such as content creation, Google maps listings, and backlinks as these are known to result in higher rankings.

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Our focus is to increase Organic Traffic to minimise costs in the long run. The actions we implement will result in organic traffic to your website.

We also attend On-Page SEOand from the audit, we will then implement strategies and improve on issues that were highlighted by the audit reports on all the pages of your website.

We will also perform Off-Page SEO which includes local local Press releases and this can boost your sales.

4-Performance Measurement

We will provide an ongoing formal monthly report as to the effectiveness of our SEO efforts. We will determine what is working, what is not working and continue to update you as to the changes if any we will be implementing to our SEO plans. The following are the performance we measure throughout the process:

Keyword Analysis and movement tracking: We will continue to track the keywords you chose before the campaign and to monitor rankings in search engines.

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Google Analytics Tracking: We utilise data from Google Analytics, we monitor traffic identifying trends. Google analytics help us identify your site visitors demographics such as gender, age, income levels, time spent on site, location and search devices.

Media as part of your Local seo efforts

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text-Insivia. Therefore, it makes business sense to utilise videos as part of local marketing SEO campaigns.

Light Digital Marketing will utilise videos as part of Local SEO campaigns as this will increase consumer engagement on your site. To further optimise your local SEO campaigns, our team will identify the best form of media to be utilised in your campaign.

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Video marketing for local SEO is a great way for your business to stand out. Videos increase consumer engagement and helps build relationships with your clients and they will stay longer on your site effectively enhancing your chances of ranking higher in local Google searches.

Social Media To Amplify Local SEO Results

Social media marketing is a great way of amplifying your Local SEO campaign. According to MOZ local, 4% of Google's local ranking factors are attributed to Social signals and Citations. This may be a small percentage, however after a social media campaign, this results in brand awareness and helps drive traffic to your website hence amplifying your Local SEO efforts. Due to these increased searches in Google search engines, together with other SEO efforts, your business will begin to rank higher than your competitors.

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Light Digital Marketing will design social media posts using rich media to improve your supporters engagement. We will schedule the posts, and post on your social media so that you can focus on building your brand.

Your customers' online trends are of great value to your business local rankings. Therefore, always ask them how they found you! And you can tailor your marketing efforts towards that direction.

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