how is the pricing worked out ?

Our pricing will vary depending on the service where we have fixed prices for a project, however there may be add ons depending on what you choose. Our pricing takes into account the hours it takes to complete each project. In the case of large projects such as a multipage and ecommerce, difficult and competitive keywords in SEO, this obviously takes more time and the pricing would reflect this. However,

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our business model does not have a lot of overheads and that means will can then give our clients competitive prices.

is this going to be A CONTRACT?

We usually work around agreements and durations vary depending on service. For example a website design or video production is a one off project, however for SEO, it is not a one off solution and SEO usually takes months to be fruitful. Therefore it makes sense in that regard to enter into agreements ranging from over 3 months and so on. After an audit of your website and business

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health, this would then determine what work needs to be done and projected timeframes. Our team will contact you to discuss and we can then agree on the terms and an agreement will be sent out to you to sign and once that is done, our work will commence.


If anyone will specifically tell you that "it takes one month to rank your website," run away as that business is just after your money. It is difficult to ascertain how long it may take to rank as there a number of variables to consider. This depends on your budget and how aggressive you want to be. In addition to that, Rankings are dependent on keyword difficulty (KD). KD is a score assigned to your

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keyword and this ranges from 0 to 100. If the KD is high, eg 89, that means the keyword is difficult to rank and it may take longer as well. This is in contrast to a KD of say 41, which means the keyword is easier to rank than 89 and therefore will take less time. Light Digital Marketing utilises tools that determines KD and therefore will also recommend some easier keywords which you may target.


Before we commence any SEO campaigns, we will ask our clients keywords they want to target. We will then run the keywords on our tools to ascertain keyword difficult. We also ascertain expected traffic and we would then recommend some keywords which you may want to target specific to your niche. The most important aspect of SEO is to identify keywords that are being searched the most both locally and internationally.


For all brand new websites, we suggest that you write your own content and we will then edit and add more information for you. However, our team is able to write the content for you from scratch and there will be additional costs.

If you already have a website, we will optimise your existing content to ensure it is search engine friendly.

How do you attend TO SEO?

This will vary from business to business and client to client. However, despite the difference in businesses, our approach is always focussed on the creation of quality and relevant content, creating websites that are user friendly, responsive, fast to load and turns visitors into customers, quality backlinks, citations, videos and images for user engagement.